What are Dim Sum?

Dim Sum is quite a well-known term in today’s world, describing one of the most unique foods Chinese cuisine has to offer. They are not represented as a single item, but as a diverse collection of small dishes. It has been told that Dim Sum originated from roadside teahouses and was served as snacks for travelers on the Silk Road. Today, Dim Sum has transformed into a unique dining experience that has spread all over the world.dim sum

It’s time to go Yum Cha!

Traditionally, Dim Sum are enjoyed in the morning around brunch time. And that is when people go to yum cha. People will gather around at their local dim sum tea shops, enjoying their dim sum while sipping on cups of hot tea.  Dim Sum are often known to be cooked in small amounts (3-4 pieces) and served in little steam baskets. The staff will then carry them around tables, shouting out the types of dim sum they have so people can choose what they like to eat. The atmosphere associated with yum cha makes it a great occasion for friends and family to gather, where the old and the young can all enjoy delicious food while spending merry time with each other.

Here at EDS, we produce some of the most popular Dim Sum dishes that you may find in tea shops. They are frozen packaged in bulk sizes, allowing you to have more than just a few pieces of Dim Sum at a time. Please contact our sales department for more information about purchasing our selection of Dim Sum.

EDS proudly prepares the following types of Dim Sum:

  1. Char Siu Bao
  2. Siu mai
  3. Har Gow
  4. Egg Rolls
  5. Wontons
  6. Dumplings
  7. Potstickers