What is a Bao?

Bao, or Baozi, is what the Chinese refer to as steam buns. It dates back at least 2000 years ago, where ancient Chinese text mentioned its early existence. Similar to dumplings, bao also has many variations of filling, with both sweet and savory. bao stencilThe only difference from dumplings is that bao’s outer component is made out of bread-like dough. Most of the Chinese Bao are prepared by steaming, giving the buns a soft, fresh and steamy texture that warms the mouth with every bite.

Take a Bao

Many times when you look at the different types of Bao, you may notice that baos with certain fillings have a specific appearance to it. This allows people to quickly and easily differentiate the different types of filling inside each bao without breaking apart the bun. Some are folded with certain crease lines, and some are round with a color dot on top. These little details help the Chinese figure out what kind of bao is being steamed at the moment.

All sorts of bao are enjoyable for any time of the day, any meal or snack. It is best when they are served fresh, just right after it is done steaming.

Here at EDS, we offer a large selection of bao to our customers. Please take a look at our current list of bao in production. If you have any inquiries about these products, please contact our Sales Department.

Types of Bao prepared at EDS:

  1. Steam BBQ Pork Bun ( Cha Siu Bao )
  2. Steam Pork Vegetable Bun
  3. Steam Chicken Vegetable Bun
  4. Steam Vegetable Bun
  5. Steamed Peking Duck Bun
  6. Baked Cha Siu Bao
  7. Baked Terriyaki Bao
  8. Xiao Long  Bao