What is a Potsticker?

Potstickers originated from the Chinese, potsticker stencildating all the way back into the Song Dynasty (960 – 1280 A.D.). The exact origins of this Chinese delicacy are unfortunately lost. However,  according to a legend, potstickers were actually made as a mistake. It was said that one day, a chef working in China’s Imperial Court overcooked dumplings that were meant to serve the members of the court. Leaving them a little too long on the stove, these dumplings were burnt on the bottom.  To save himself from embarrassment or even punishment, the clever chef announced these burnt dumplings as his newest creation, potstickers. Luckily, the court members did not find it strange but actually, quite enjoyable!

What Makes Potstickers special?

Potstickers are unique such that they are prepared by steaming on one side, and pan-frying on the other. Some may call it wortip (the literal Cantonese translation for “pot-stick”),  guotie (in Mandarin), Peking Ravioli (as coined by restaurateur Joyce Chen), or simply pan-fried pork dumplings.

While many dumplings are prepared by either steaming or pan-frying, potstickers require both. Potstickers are supposed to “stick” to the pan, hence its name, giving a crispy and browned bottom while its filling remain juicy and soft. This irresistible dumpling  must be made with care, or else it will be literally stuck on the pan!

Here at EDS, we offer several types of potstickers to our customers. They are stored frozen and are packed in various sizes. Please send your inquiries to our sales department so you can, too, enjoy these lovely potstickers.

Types of Potstickers prepared at EDS:

1. Pork Potsticker
2. Chicken Potsticker
3. Vegetable Potsticker
4. Pre-Cooked Potstickers