What are Dumplings?

Chinese Dumplings is a traditional dish enjoyed by Chinese families for many years.  Also called Jiaozi, Chinese dumplings’ basic composition consists of a meat and/or vegetable filling encased in a dough or pastry shell. Sometimes dumpling are made round or crescent-shaped, and can be sweet or savory. Some are cooked by boiling, steaming or pan-frying. The different combinations are endless!

From the home to restaurants, Dumplings are served for various occasions. Some of the more popular ones made its way into Dim Sum and are well-liked by many people. These popular dumplings are Siu Mai, Har Gow, and Wontons.

Siu Mai: The classic ingredients for Siu Mai includes shrimp and pork wrapped in a yellow pastry skin. It is this distinguished look and mixture of flavors that makes Siu Mai one of the most recognized and well-liked dish in Dim Sum.

Har Gow: In another words, shrimp dumpling. Har Gow’s unique feature is its transparent dough skin that emanates the refreshing glow of the pieces of shrimp that is wrapped inside.

Wonton: Wonton is the most diverse of them all. They take on various shapes and flavors, from triangular pockets to compressed spheres. They can be boiled, usually served in broth and noodles, or they can even be deep fried. Wontons are fun and delicious to eat for a full meal or as snacks.

In our facility here at EDS, we make many different kinds of dumplings for our customers. Below is our current production list of dumplings. But we continue to find new recipes to add to our dumpling repertoire. If you have any inquires regarding dumplings, please contact our sales department for more information.

Types of Dumplings prepared at EDS:

  1. Pork and Leek Dumpling
  2. Lamb Dumpling/Lamb Shrimp Dumpling
  3. Har Gow
  4. Pork Siu Mai/Pork Shrimp Siu Mai
  5. Pork Wonton/Pork Shrimp Wonton/Chicken Wonton
  6. Cream Cheese Wonton/Cream Cheese Crab Wonton